Student Right to Know

In compliance with the Student Right to Know (SRTK) and Campus Security Act of 1990, it is the policy of Santa Rosa Junior College to make available its completion and transfer rates to all current and prospective students. SRTK is a federal mandate for colleges to publicly disclose graduation and transfer rates. These rates track first-time freshmen in a fall cohort who are self-identified as being degree, certificate, or transfer-seeking. Students must be enrolled full time in for-credit, degree-applicable courses. The cohort is, on average, a very small portion of the entire student population. Student outcomes (completion, transfer) are tracked over a three-year period. Please note these rates are by no means an all-encompassing measure of the college’s success. 

Almost 35 percent of Santa Rosa Junior College’s first time, full-time students who entered the college in Fall 2014 with the goal of a degree, certificate, or seeking a transfer received a degree, certificate, or became transfer-prepared (completed 60 transferable units with a GPA 2.00 or better) by Spring 2017. Students who transferred to another post-secondary institution, prior to attaining a degree, certificates, or becoming “transfer prepared” during a three year period, from Fall 2014 to Spring 2017, are transfer students. The completion rate of 34.84 percent is based on the 2013 cohort as per SRTK (Jeanne Clery) regulations. 

For more information on SRTK, go to the Web site: or contact the Office of Institutional Research at (707) 778-3922.