Institutional Learning Outcomes

Santa Rosa Junior College’s mission is to increase the knowledge, to improve the skills, and to enhance the lives of those who participate in our programs and enroll in our courses throughout the District.

In keeping with the mission, the college’s Institutional Learning Outcomes represent our educational values. These outcomes arise from the most general and universal educational goals of the institution; they are neither program nor course-specific. These outcomes demonstrate how all students, regardless of their course of study, have the opportunity to share in a collective academic culture.
Students, as a whole, will develop proficiency in the seven areas identified below as part of a dynamic educational environment. The breadth and depth of experience and proficiency that any individual student may reach in each of these outcomes is, of course, dependent upon the student, the program or course of study, and the length of college attendance.
Through their experiences at SRJC, students will bring into the college community the following set of skills and values:
1. Foundational Skills
  • Perform mathematical operations 
  • Utilize technology 
  • Read and write at the college level 
2. Personal Development and Management
  • Develop self-awareness and confidence 
  • Manage resources, such as time and money, in order to advance personal and career goals 
  • Maintain or improve health 
  • Appreciate the value of lifelong learning 
3. Communication
  • Listen actively and respectfully 
  • Speak coherently and effectively 
4. Critical Analysis
  • Locate, analyze, evaluate and synthesize relevant information 
  • Draw reasonable conclusions in order to make decisions and solve problems 
5. Creativity
  • Creatively respond to ideas and information 
6. Intercultural Literacy and Interaction
  • Recognize and acknowledge individual and cultural diversity 
  • Practice respectful interpersonal and intercultural communication 
  • Recognize and understand the ideas and values expressed in the world’s cultural traditions 
7. Responsibility
  • Understand and demonstrate personal, civic, social, and environmental responsibility and cooperation in order to become a productive local and global citizen