Job Development

Job Developers at Santa Rosa Junior College provide information and guidance to students on career planning, job opportunities, and other career-related topics. As part of the SRJC Career Hub students and alumni can utilize the services when seeking out the means to connect to employers, develop their professional profile, and engage in the development of their career-readiness. Job Developers works collaboratively with faculty and staff to coordinate and facilitate recruitment days, employer panels, and targeted job fairs.

Working with a Job Developer includes:

  • Orienting students to the services available
  • Works with students to create online profile, interview preparation, and guides students to appropriate job openings
  • Connects students to industry and provides up to date labor market information regarding their field of study
  •  Assists qualified students/alumni in identifying positions in their field of interest; assists in development of resumes, cover letters and applications; advises students on employability skills; works with students to gain relevant skills; helps students explore alternative employment options.