Career Development Services

Career planning is an integral part of the education process. Career Development Services offers resources and services to assist students with choosing a major, making career decisions and developing an educational plan to meet career goals. These services are available to enrolled students and alumni.

In Career Development Services students can:

  • Browse through a library of career resources
  • Use Career software
  • Pick up handouts relating to career and job search
  • Use the computer lab for job search and career exploration activities
  • Attend career development workshops
  • Meet with a Career Counselor to:
    • Get help choosing a major
    • Develop an educational plan to meet career goals
    • Career assessment testing
  • Meet with a Career Advisor to:
    • Assistance with making career decisions
    • Career exploration activities
    • First impressions coaching
    • Research occupational and labor market information
    • Plan a job search strategy
    • Design a targeted resume
    • Practice for an interview