Puente Project

The Puente Project is a program of English writing instruction, counseling, and mentoring for community college students who plan to transfer to a university.

The program involves a two-semester sequence of Reading/Composition that focuses on the Chicano/Latino experience. Counseling courses are also offered to help students with personal development and study skills. Members of the professional community provide mentoring. Additional program activities are designed to help students participate fully in academics and career preparation.

Students are admitted to the program each year through a first-come, first-served basis. Students must be eligible for English 100 based on assessment or prerequisite coursework. Students must also enroll in designated counseling courses and demonstrate commitment to transfer and to participate in program activities for one full year. Computer literacy and word processing instruction, including an emphasis on desktop publishing skills and Internet research, are part of the curriculum.

Puente is located in Bertolini Student Center, 2nd floor Counseling Office. For further information, contact: The Puente Office at (707) 521-7864, or the Petaluma Campus, Kathleen Doyle Hall, at (707) 778-3916; http://puente.santarosa.edu/.