Course registration and Add Codes

Adding and Dropping Classes

Students must have a current application on file or be in continuing status before they can add and drop courses.

The process for adding/dropping classes is not automatic and can be accomplished only on the Student Portal ( or through one of the Admissions and Records Offices.

Submitting an official drop is always the student’s responsibility. Failure to drop, if withdrawing from a course, will result in a debt and/or failing grade.  Any student enrolled in a course who misses the first class meeting may be dropped from the course by the instructor. Students should not assume instructors will add or drop for students. It is ultimately the responsibility of the student to drop the course and keep a record of the transaction.

Add Codes

Once classes have closed, students may add a class on a space available basis.  Students may go to the class and receive permission from the instructor to add the class.  The instructor will give the student an add code that will allow the student to add the course on the Student Portal.

To use an Add Code, students should enter their SID and PIN code at, select "Add/Drop/Register", choose the semester and enter the section number of the course.  The student will be informed that the class is closed and that they will need an Add Code.  The student should enter the Add Code and press “Complete Transaction”.  Students should ensure that they complete all steps and print a copy of their transaction for their records.

Enrollment services via the web are available 24 hours a day with occasional downtime for scheduled maintenance operations.