Learning Communities at SRJC

Learning communities are linked courses; the same group of students enroll in two or more classes. Learning communities support students’ academic success, build student community, and provide opportunities for campus and community engagement.

1. ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN STUDENT SUCCESS: Mana is the mind, one’s life force, and nourishment, and in this learning community, students will use their Mana to find success in school. Course themes and topics focus on the Asian and Pacific diaspora, and all SRJC students are invited to enroll. Students enroll in Counseling 10 (First-Year Experience) and English 1A (College Composition) in the fall.  In the fall, students enroll in English 5 (Advanced Composition and Critical Thinking and Food and Nutrition 10.

2.  PUENTE is a state of California transfer program. Students participate in a year-long multicultural learning community focused on achieving their goal of transferring to a 4-year college. Students enroll in English 100 and Counseling 10 in the fall and English 1A and Counseling 80 in the spring.

3. UMOJA focuses on student success through Academics, Counseling, and career Mentorship. In the fall, students enroll in Umoja linked courses: English 1A, History 30, and are encouraged to take Counseling 10. The program is open to all students interested in completing a degree/transferring, meeting with the Umoja counselor, and participating in cultural and personal enrichment activities.

Students enroll in Learning Communities because they benefit from:

  • Meeting new students and developing new friendships
  • Team-taught courses in learning-centered classrooms
  • Numerous opportunities for college and community involvement

For more information about Learning Communities call New Student Programs at (707) 527-4375 and/or visit: http://learningcommunities.santarosa.edu